In the Shadows of the Rotten Apple...

-Orbital News- "New York oddities or myths" Alligators in the sewers?

Slowly the world turns here in the Apple, but my readers and fans stand waiting every week for my newest finds. The classic myth that alligators live in the sewers of New York, I don’t by it. I have been here for my whole life and seen nothing, don’t get me wrong, the wrong gruff down an ally way is usually what i would refer to in this term. But maybe i am wrong. I have got some sources that wish to remain nameless. But stories say this alligator might be on the street not just on the street but also may be dangerous. No one has come out to the star about it. Not that your average surge walks into the star an admits to being handed its short and curlies by an old school story to prank your friends with. So i have done some digging of my own. This last week i got pay dirt. Its not much and it was after i got a glimpse but it was interesting to say the least and i know the picture does not do it justice so i will set the seen for you. I am on my way to my speeder. She is a sweet bike, when A large orc man comes at me with a knife. The brute demanded i give him the lock codes and keys to the bike, my cash,to do so quickly or i am dead. I figure i am dead so when i go to give him the keys i try and snap some shots with my key cam. Just as he slash’s my arm and coat with the blade The grate behind him Slings off The Glow lamps shatter and he is startled, as am i. Then like the wind It struck with a quickness i was not expecting brought him down dragged him to the grating and shredded his leg. I called the star and they showed arrested the orc. If it was not for the creature i would probably be dead. So here you go i know you have been staring at it this whole time.

I have seen it out there. April Steel Bringing you the truth of the streets once again more to come next week.


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