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Breaking News --- 3 dead, 1 injured in high speed chase and hijacking

Manhattan – Chaos on the streets today as a group of armed Reaper gangers chase down and attack a semi-truck on the 4224 skylane at approximately 4 p.m. today.

The attackers, six in total, assaulted the truck from a stolen moving van and several heavily modified street bikes, causing the truck to crash, then shot and killed both the driver and passenger of the semi who had survived the impact, witnesses claim.
The Reapers held traffic at bay with highly illegal automatic weaponry while they broke into the trailer, then forcefully stole a second truck at gunpoint which they used to hijack the trailer, all of its cargo, and make an escape.

Before fleeing the scene they fired rounds into several vehicles on the road to immobilize them, creating an effective roadblock, and greatly reducing emergency crews ability to respond.

Two Knight Errant officers arrived at the scene as the gang tried to escape, but their aircraft were shot down before they could engage the criminals. One died at the scene, the second is in critical condition at an unspecified medical facility, but is not expected to survive. The names of the officers are being withheld until the families can be notified.
It is believed that these same motorcycle riding Reaper members were responsible for a terrorist attack and bombing that left at least 4 dead at a nearby Renraku housing facility just minutes before the shootout on the skyway. 3 of the dead were Renraku security staff and one was a gang member who crashed his bike and died, although this is unconfirmed as by the time news and law enforcement arrived the bike and riders body had been removed by unknown accomplices.

The Reaper gangers were able to make their escape after shooting down the Knights Errant, and traffic was blocked for over 7 hours while police investigated the incident and emergency crews cleared the wreckage. The local K.E. office is offering a standard reward for any information leading to the arrest and conviction of any members of the Reaper street gang.

An anonymous source has claimed that the K.E. and local law enforcement have no tangible leads to follow, claiming a “fighter for the freedom of the people” was controlling news and security camera feeds, preventing any indentifiable images of the assailants from being captured. Members of the police have admitted that their eyewitness reports have been wildly contradictory.

(Reporting by Markoff Dobuzinskis, Manhattan, NewsNet)


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