In the Shadows of the Rotten Apple...

"Manhattan Undead" message board

“A calling to the , restless, the forever sleeping sprawl. There is some-Thing out there some-thing you or i have yet to hear of. We have seen everything battled everything. But then you see some=thing that changes everything you once new. I was out among the meat, among the living. They call it better than life cause that is exactly what it is. Better. If your reading this now you are high enough level or on the level. either way you should know its taking those of us gifted with wires. gifted with augmentation gifted with the undeniable truths only the corpse wish they could stop. This unstoppable creature is taking your people and mine. This week you here in my world beware the fest of masks for Death Is coming and Meurto is going to Reap That which comes from the depths of our world.”Muerto


tybaltofcapulet1 tybaltofcapulet1

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