Crank Shaft

Reapers bike combat MVP


Most have only seen Crank Shaft in his combat biker gear. His custom built helmet is his suignature. Sources say he is the on whom actually forges all the Reapers combat gear.


Every one remember when he first became a major player in the Bike Combat scene during last years Day of Masks finally. He got side swiped by a civilian car only to get out walk to his bike got it running again only with the rear wheel. With only one player left on the apposing Dog Pounders he drove the forks of his bike strait into the chest of the former champion Chrome Karts chest for an amazing Upset. Ever since has been the primary target for every team.

Most people see his bike they tend to drive down a different road


Crank Shaft just appeared two years ago out of the blue on the reapers side lines and has been climbing the gang ranks ever since. No one has scene his face. Its Rumored he knows what your gear is in your body before you do. Be careful chummers he wants to make a profit off your ride and a profit off your parts

Crank Shaft

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