In the Shadows of the Rotten Apple...

Alley Beatdown

I entered the alleyway with Plan B behind me and snuck down towards the other end of the alley. On my way down, I started to me able to make out two figures fighting with a much larger figure, before the larger one brought down a massive fist and obliterated one of the smaller ones. It dispatched the two figures with ease and began dragging them off, after an elf that had run away from the fight. The whole area was filled with an unnatural cold, but I couldn’t tell if it came from the creature or from something else that had happened.

One of the combatants had it’s arm ripped from it’s socket during the fight, so I moved up to inspect it. As I did, the massive creature stopped, turned and made eye contact with me, and then kept walking. The arm was human, and as I was looking at it, I noticed the… thing doing something strange in the alley ahead of me. I moved up a bit to get a better look, just in time to see it rip up the second of the bodies, limb from limb, and toss it down the hole. The area around the hole and the creature filled with the same unnatural cold as before, and the creature looked around in confusion before climbing down the hole.

I stayed there, stunned, and then shut off my image-link (after feeding the scene to Plan B and Tippy) and made a mark of the location for future reference. I started making my way back to the mouth of alley, where Plan B had intercepted a Reaper making her way back to the bikes.

He had subdued her and drug her back into an alley, and we questioned her – although she was new and didn’t know much. They were after a piece of ware in a Maitre’d at a local restaurant, and this was supposed to be her initiation run. She told us that the Reapers in the are had been decimated by what they thought had been another gang, and Muerto (one of their best hackers) had been looking into it.

There was a hooded figure watching us from the rooftops, but I only barely saw it and by the time Tippy’s flyspy got there, the figure was gone. The unearthly cold had alerted us to it’s presence as well. We planted an RFID tracker on the Reaper we had captured (without her knowing) and let her go. Tippy hacked the bikes and unlocked them for us, and we rolled them back to the apartment building and hid them in the back. I called SteelNomad and talked to him about selling the bikes for us, and we agreed he would pick them up from us.

Plan B called his contact in the Reapers, named JoJack, and tried to make a deal for us to be in the area when their next job goes down – in case Big Ugly shows up again. He then called Grime and me and Plan B went to go see him about the Big Ugly.

Grime said that he had not encountered anything like this before. He said it was like a Ghoul, but not a Ghoul. After we told him all of the details, he said it seemed like a Ghoul, but it wanted technology instead of flesh. He said it was very disturbing, but that he would continue to look into it and let us know.

We got home and found Tippy passed out on the floor of her apartment. We got her awake and took her down to Plan B’s apartment just before the Star kicked the doors in and raider her apartment.

After that insanity died down, Plan B and I went down to babysit the Maitre’D, who Tippy had found out the Reapers were still coming for.


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