In the Shadows of the Rotten Apple...

The Story Begins

It’s October, the fall is starting to roll in and it’s cooling off. The biggest thing in the news is a string of recent disappearances. No common threads as to who or why, but alot of people have gone missing in Chinatown as of late.

The Rake called me up, said he had a job for me here in the neighbourhood regarding the string of recent disappearances in Chinatown. His contact wanted to meet me at the Mogwai Cafe between 8 and 10pm. I spoke to PlanB and TT about it, TT said she was going do some digging. I reached out to SaintZero and Steel Nomad. Saint had nothing, but the Nomad said that his clientele had been desperate to get their hands on practically any sort of internal ware they could get their hands on.

I went to the meet at the Mogwai cafe, got there an hour early so that I could scope the place out. The cafe was right on the border of the restricted zone, so I needed to be careful if I had to leave in a hurry. The place was really nice, seemed to serve actual REAL food, not that soycrap – oh, and the place was PACKED. I couldn’t find a seat anywhere, but settled for leaning against the bar.

The Johnson showed up a little after 9:00pm – tall, white-haired elf, business suit, etc. EVERYONE noticed him come in, and some people gave up their table for him.

He said there was a matter he needed assistance with in the area. The work is information gathering, regarding the unexplained and unprecedented disappearances in the area. He offered 40,000 nuyen, and said he wanted me to put the information on a datastick for him.

He wants us to:

  • Find out who is causing the disappearances
  • Find out where future disappearances will occur
  • BONUS – Stop future occurances (eliminate those involved?)

He gave me a datapad with some additional information, as well as a commcode to reach him at. I kept it hidden and made my way home, sans-tail (at least, I hoped).

The information was the police case files of all 14 victims, including date and times of possible disappearances, family members, who reported the disappearance, etc. The officer’s name has been redacted from the reports, but it appears to have been the same name on each report.

I met up with TT and PlanB to talk things out, found out that B’s job lined up with mine (recovering missing implants). I shared what I had learned from Steel Nomad (about people buying up all of the implants), and TT shared what she had learned about the officer investigating the disappearances.

PlanB told us that the cases fit what he knew about a gang in the area called the Reapers who were harvesting implants. We have to move on the info soon, as the Reapers typically move on soon after, and they probably know that the cops are zeroing in on them.

I went back to my apartment and started getting my gear together incase we needed roll out quickly. PlanB knocked on my door right as I was heading out, and we headed up to Tippy’s apartment. TT was deep-diving into the matrix to find out what she could from The Grid, and I headed out into the night to scout the neighbourhood.

TT sent us a feed of where they were located, so I went down to meet PlanB at the base of the tower and we headed their way. The feed from the grid dropped off, but we kept going on our course to intercept them. PlanB spotted some motorcycles – he went into the motel they were parked near, and I went to check out the alley nearby. I saw a commotion at the end of the alley, and called B to back me up as I went to look into it.


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