Scarred elf with a chip on both arms


Bald with a large jagged scar running along the back of his head causes Jumpdrive to stand out a bit (when compaired to other Elves of course) His other defining feature are both of his obvious cyberarms. A ready smile when violence is involved he jumps to action and lets the events sort themselves out.


Rebellious, Antisocial, Violent

Values: Lover
Values: Friendship
Neutral Worldview
Well to do early background
Childhood: Adopted

- Accidental disfigurement by a soyblender at 17
- First girlfriend commited suicide at 19
- Mother passed away due to sudden accute illness at 20
- Join Ares Corp eventually becoming member of firewatch team alongside Crankshaft, Ferryman, and others
- Married at 21
- Burned by Ares and forced into the shadows to support himself
- Has someone who consideres himself an enemy
- Had both arm ruined during event that caused Ares to burn the firewatch team.


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