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Breaking News --- Blood in the Streets

Murder on the Courthouse Steps

Manhattan – Jake Sprangston – a local business owner was assassinated on the courthouse steps following a routine court appearance.

Sprangston died instantly, the bullet entered directly between his eyes and exited the back of his head. Det. Arnold Greymer, leaving the courthouse after his own highly publicized trial, was walking behind the victim when the shooting occurred and was sprayed with Sprangston’s blood and brains.

While there are rumors of corruption surrounding the business owner, who has been the target of numerous lawsuits of late, most of which were filed by lawyers working for the Renraku corporation or its subsidiaries, sources inside the police department say they are at a loss as to why Sprangston would be the target of what some are claiming to be a professional hit.

Witnesses on the scene reported seeing a man dressed in a Renraku private security uniform fleeing the scene, Det. Greymer, despite the distraction of his own legal issues, was quick to react, and lead the manhunt which ultimately cornered and captured the suspect. Renraku public relations officers quickly released a statement claiming the company had no knowledge of, or involvement in the attack, and offering condolences to Prys, Jake’s wife, who we have reached out to for comment, but have been unable to contact.
Police have been unable to elicit a confession from the man caught fleeing the scene, one Souma Kuro, who claims to have no knowledge of the attack, and have been unable to find any connection between Kuro and Renraku, nor did they find any weapons on him. Police have also yet to turn up any actual witnesses who saw Kuro shoot Mr. Sprangston, he was only seen fleeing the scene.

There are unconfirmed reports that the bullet was actually fired from a high powered rifle, at long range, and not a from handgun, as early reports indicated, though, as seems to have become the status quo of late, police officials refuse to corroborate this information.

In the wake of the public response from Renraku spokesmen, demonstrations against the corporation have sprung up, both around the location of the shooting, as well as on public forums in the Matrix, claiming the corporation, after yet another loss in court, decided to take matters into their own hands. These demonstrators claim Renraku subsidiaries have been trying to take control of Mr. Sprangston’s business assets for months, to no avail, and with court costs mounting, activists claim it was simply cheaper to have him killed, and say that his wife will be next, as she now takes sole control of the companies assets.

Renraku spokesmen claim these allegations are absurd, pointing out the foolishness of sending someone dressed in their official uniform to commit murder, while demonstrators say that Renraku is simply making a public statement to anyone foolish enough to stand up to them in the future.

Police are asking for anyone with information regarding the whereabouts of Mrs. Sprangston to please contact the police, as they have, as yet, been unable to locate her.

(Reporting by Markoff Dobuzinskis, Manhattan, NewsNet)


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