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Breaking News --- Multiple explosions lead to 5 alarm fire in downtown Manhattan

Manhattan – Another terrorist attack in Manhattan leaves at least 14 dead and 36 injured, with casualty reports still coming in.

The attack began with what was assumed to be a prank or art performance, with witnesses reporting a man (referred to as ‘The Mummy’ because of his eccentric style of dress) climbing the outside of a Renraku Corporate research facility, but ended in chaos and misery.


Calls began to trickle into news and emergency response agencies around 3 p.m. that a man was climbing the outside of a high rise, at approximately the 400 level, with no visible safety equipment or harness, or any apparent wing suit or parachute. Minutes later the “Mummy” fell to what spectators assumed was a grisly end onto a sky bridge some dozen floors below, but he was miraculously unharmed and promptly resumed his climb on a neighboring building to the amazement of onlookers.

Minutes later the gathering crowd was rocked by a small explosion that launched the climber into a nearby building, somehow triggering a massive explosion which caused severe structural damage, killing and wounding employees at several research laboratories. The raining debris killed several more on sky bridges below, collapsing one sky bridge completely and blocking traffic on several others.

This unlikely image of the stunt man impacting the Renraku building and triggering the explosion was captured by a bystander, quite by accident he claims. The amateur photographer was startled by the initial blast and forgot to take his finger off of the shutter release, but wasn’t paying attention to where his camera was pointed.


Following so closely on the heels of the attack on a Renraku housing facility which was claimed by the Reaper motorcycle gang, many speculate that the Reapers are behind this attack as well, and rumors of Renraku retaliation are running rampant. Renraku has yet to comment on these claims.

The fire continues to burn long into the night, a statement released by the Manhattan Corporate Fire Department announced that as many innocent bystanders as possible were evacuated from the area, but because of the significant structural damage to the affected building, sending fire crews in was not feasible, and the cost of using fire fighting drones was deemed too high compared to the value of the research labs and surviving staff by Renraku officials.


Whether the recent unconfirmed reports of “sniper” activity have anything to do with this uptick in Reaper motorcycle gang activity, or is in anyway tied to these attacks is, as yet, unknown, but sources inside the police department are unusually tight lipped regarding these rumors.

(Reporting by Markoff Dobuzinskis, Manhattan, NewsNet)


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